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2016 Chevy Suburban Changes, Price

The 2016 Chevy Suburban will be another version of the Suburban series for the coming year. As the 2015 model was presented with a new design and facelift so we do not expect many changes in the coming model. There are chances that the 2016 model will share its features with its siblings from the 2015. But still the car will get advanced features of new generation which will make it an amazing luxury car. Since Suburban from the Chevy is one of the oldest cars in the history of SUVs so we can hope 2016 Chevy as a top class crossover.

2016 Chevy Suburban front view

2016 Chevy Suburban – Exterior and Interior

The new 2016 Chevy Suburban will not receive major shifts from the previous model because the last model was completely updated with the latest technology. The new SUV will come with a little improvement which will make it a top class car. Moreover company is going to use light weight material for the manufacture of the 2016 model which will make it a lighter vehicle with reduced fuel consumption. The overall performance of the car will also improve due to its light weight. There will be aluminum tailgate and hood along with the front grille having dual port. The new LED lights will be introduced in the headlights and tail lights. The Suburban will get a more elegant look with the presence of fabulous chrome details. The coming SUV will also get details, curves and lines on its both sides which will enhance its appearance. The 2016 Chevy will come with more cabin space and it will accommodate more passengers with comfort. The use of high quality materials such as aluminum, soft plastic and chrome will take this car to another level of beauty and luxury. There will be a complete covering of fine fabric over the seats as well so the passengers will not feel tired even during long travelling. Apart from these advanced technology such as touch screen of 8 inches, safety system, Bluetooth connectivity, rear view camera, climate control system, navigation system,  USB ports and parking sensors will also be included in it to have a strong competition with its rivals. The car will also get enough cabinets so that you can place important documents in it.

2016 Chevy Suburban interior

2016 Chevy Suburban – Engine and Performance

2016 Chevy Suburban will get a similar engine which was present in the previous model. The car will come with a V8 5.8 liters power unit which will have direct injection. This engine will generate a horsepower of approximately 355 and torque around 383 lb feet. Another optional engine along with this power unit will be offered which is a V8 6.2 liter. The latter will have the capacity to produce an output of 420 hp. An automatic transmission of six speed will be paired with both of these power units.

2016 Chevy Suburban Rear view

2016 Chevy Suburban – Price and Release Date

The 2016 Chevy Suburban will appear in the markets in the end of 2015 with an estimated starting price of 48,000 dollars while higher trim levels will come around 65,000 dollars.

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