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2016 Jaguar F- Pace Specs, Price

Jaguar is planning a new model of jaguar pace which will soon hit the market for sale. The car’s new version is based on CX 17 car model which was presented in Frankfurt motor show in 2013. The car will be coming with all the new features and advancements. The car will be totally different from its previous models. It will truly depict the jaguar true motive i.e. beautiful design, supple ride, precise handling and cutting-edge technology. The jaguar F pace is inspired from F-type sports car so they named the new model with F also. 2016 Jaguar F- Pace will offer a unique combination of jaguar sports car’s exterior combined with a beautiful and luxurious interior to its buyers. F pace can simply be referred as a family sports car.

2016 Jaguar F- Pace front

2016 Jaguar F- Pace – Exterior and Interior Design

This car model will be jaguar’s first ever high ride car. There are a lot of new things introduced in the interior and exterior of the 2016 Jaguar F- Pace. The car is made using the aluminum material. With all the latest design and features this car can be simply referred as a luxurious SUV. In the exterior of the car, the jaguar’s trade mark traded grille gets sided by new large air intakes pipes. There will be latest technology LED in the car. The headlights of 2016 Jaguar F- Pace has a design similar to saloon XF. The roof slope and steeply rising back shoulder line have maintained the same look as in the previous model. The interior of the car is sophisticated designed. The inside of the car is very much similar to XE sedan. The cabin of the SUV has given more space than its previous model. The car will have five seats in it. There is a lot of legs and head space available for passengers to sit easily. The interior is completely furnished. The seats will have leather covers. The car will be equipped with all latest technologies like navigation system, stereo, Bluetooth connectivity and much more. It will also have a very advanced security system.

2016 Jaguar F- Pace Interior

2016 Jaguar F- Pace – Engine and Performance

The 2016 Jaguar F- Pace will have a very powerful and strong engine installed in it. The car will have supercharged V6 with 3.0 litter’s petrol engine. There are also chances that in order to make it more powerful the engine may come up with V8 5.0 litter to make engine performance better and stronger. It will be have four cylinders in it. Its competitors will be 2016 Audi Q5, Lexus RX 350, land Rover Range Rover Evoque and BMW X3. F pace will help to distinguish between sporty and family car.

2016 Jaguar F- Pace rear

2016 Jaguar F- Pace – Price and Release Date

As F pace will be a very luxurious and a family sports car so the expected price of the car will start from £35,000 and may increase up to £50,000. This much-awaited car is expected to release in the first quarter of 2016. There are lots of expectations that this will be one of the best cars of 2016.

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