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2016 Suzuki iM-4 Review

The 2016 Suzuki iM-4 is the biggest rivals of Fiat 500x and Mini Countryman. Though most of the people still connect the Suzuki with motorcycles, but Japanese brand knows it well how to come up with and offer 4 wheelers as well particularly when it is about entertaining market and the users with compact vehicles.At Geneva Auto show,  an insight of the Japanese compact car manufacturers lineup with 2016 Suzuki iM-4 was given.

2016 Suzuki iM-4 front view

2016 Suzuki iM-4 – Exterior and Interior Design

If we look at the 2016 Suzuki iM-4 from design’s point of view, it does not have any eye poking details.  All its features are minimalistic. Frontal fascia of the vehicle is simple and has handsome rectangular grille with slightly taller headlamps. These headlamps consist of three LED units in-line. Roofline is flat with simple lines. Rear end features a small tailgate and stop light just below the roof line. Downside of the concept is thicker rear pillars. These pillars would have to be trimmed down for better rear visibility. Overall length of the Suzuki iM-4 is 3.693 MM (145.39 inches), overall width is 1.709 MM (67.28 inches), wheelbase is 2.438 MM (95.98 inches), and overall heights of the car is 1.566 MM (61.65 inches). The company has not given the details of the interior of the Suzuki iM-4 so far. But it can be well imagined that the interior of the car will be made up of contemporary materials but not luxury covers though. It will be adorned with an angular and simple dashboard. Instrument panel should be with CD player but with small monochromatic display.

2016 Suzuki iM-4 interior

2016 Suzuki iM-4 – Engine and Performance

No doubt the Suzuki iM-4 looks like to be a compact car, but in fact it is a hatchback that is actually boxy. Its most interesting feature might be its power train. 1.2-liter engine has been equipped in the vehicle to mild the hybrid system of the car. It consists of the starter generator that is integrated and a small battery pack of lithium ion. Moreover it also has the regenerative system that should increase the fuel economy ratings of the car altogether with the rest of the system of the Suzuki iM-4. Last but not the least, concept has been limited to drive configuration that openly represents that Suzuki intends to join this segment of the vehicles.

2016 Suzuki iM-4 rear view

2016 Suzuki iM-4 – Price and Release Date

There are no exact figures for the fuel economy of the Suzuki iM-4.  But wild guess is that it would offer about 40 mpg. Though Wagon R is offered at lesser that $10,000 but 2016 Suzuki iM-4 is supposed to expensive and would be offered at a price around $20,000 in its base form. Overall the new model is believed to be an exciting concept having features of boxy old design along with modern and mild hybrid power trains. You will find these features rarely combined together. Japanese will definitely get the potential buyers for the 2016 Suzuki iM-4 wherever they decide to market it.

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