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2017 Alfa Romeo SUV

As the United States of America prepares to welcome one of the most celebrated models that first arrived in 1995, people are hyped about the possible specifications of 2017 Alfa Romeo SUV. The Italian manufacturer has made it clear that this release will be a complete makeover from its previous version as this iconic model is getting ready to enthrall luxury car owners and enthusiasts with many great features. The news of re-entry can only mean that the model will have plenty of changes in its exterior visuals; the interior will be refurbished to be more comfortable and not to mention, the new engine will be an all-out winner as well.

2017 Alfa Romeo SUV front

2017 Alfa Romeo SUV – Modified Designs:

So far, very little information has been officially revealed by the company as they feel it is not yet the time to divulge more details. As the car is in its production stages, many concept images can be on the web that shows this car to have a combination of its traditional visual elements and some contemporary features to make an all-round package. Aimed at the new generation car enthusiasts, 2017 Alfa Romeo SUV sports a sleek and sloping style headlights, a triangle S-shaped grille design, and slightly larger front bumpers.

According to reports, the SUV Alfa Romeo will serve as a flagship release and feature a new architecture platform that makes for balanced weight distribution. The car will also probably lose a few pounds due to the new platform, and as a result will have greater fuel economy. The car looks aggressive and feisty with its stunningly bright red color and rides on a big set of wheels that looks fabulous in motion.

2017 Alfa Romeo SUV is being marketed as a family car, so you can naturally expect the comfort features to be top-notch. Just like other luxury automakers, Alfa Romeo will provide leather seats with heating and cooling functions; cabin space will be plenty to accommodate all passengers with the utmost comfort. Nothing has been revealed so far regarding the technology aspects of this SUV but based on previous trends of the company, you can expect nothing short of a goldmine in terms of infotainment and driving aid features.

2017 Alfa Romeo SUV interior

2017 Alfa Romeo SUV – Powertrain:

Reports say that this model has gained a massive inspiration from the Giulia that has made way for plenty of changes under the hood. 2017 Alfa Romeo SUV will likely be powered by a 2.2 L engine that can generate horsepower between 150 to 210; this diesel engine is the same one that Giulia has. A newer variant in the form of a 2.0 L gasoline engine will also be present and can generate horsepower of 250. Details about fuel economy, acceleration rate, top speed, and other details have not yet been revealed.

2017 Alfa Romeo SUV rear view

2017 Alfa Romeo SUV – Price and Estimate Date of Release:

According to recent news, this handsome model’s release will be delayed for some time due to some internal reasons at Alfa Romeo. So, it is likely that 2017 Alfa Romeo SUV may arrive in the market later in 2017. Price is hard to guess at this point because many things are yet to be finalized.

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