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2017 BMW Urban Cross

This Bavarian automaker will gift the market with a new model known as 2017 BMW Urban Cross. This new release will be the smallest crossover in BMW’s lineup; the title that X1 held for so long over the years. This new Urban Cross model will target the young and families. This small-sized model will carry a sophisticated and exquisite design language molded with various modern features. Urban Cross is expected to be available in US, UK, Canada, and in the Asian markets. BMW is hoping to grab the lower segment of the market with this new model which will, in turn, help them to reinforce their dominance in the market.

2017 BMW Urban Cross front

2017 BMW Urban Cross – New Interior Design:

Urban Cross will be an entry-level model in the industry, and it will carry all kind of amenities that are common in other BMW crossovers. It will sit on the new UKL platform, and this platform is also used 2 Series Active Tourer and Mini models. The outlook will carry the original BMW crossover style, and it will be 157 inches long.

The front of 2017 BMW Urban Cross will boast a long grille, protruded bumper, LED headlight, new mist light, etc. The middle and rear portion will exhibit an X6 coupe-like curves, LED integrated side mirror, new alloy wheels, body color door handles, LED stop light, stylish bumper, privacy mirror, power liftgate, etc.

The BMW engineers will mold the cabin of 2017 BMW Urban Cross with a sophisticated and vibrant design. The cabin area will boast many similar features with other BMW crossover models. The seats will get BMW modern seating arrangement strategy along with leather materials. The seats will also be adorned with modern features like reclining, height adjustable, lumbar support, etc. Other equipment like automatic air control, change drive mode, large touch screen infotainment, 4G LTE, satellite navigation, illuminated buttons, smart phone connectivity, cruise control, etc. will also be present. The entertainment package will cover premium audio system, Bluetooth, USB, iPod connectivity, AUX, and satellite radio.

2017 BMW Urban Cross interior

2017 BMW Urban Cross – Engine Options:

BMW will offer several engine options for 2017 BMW Urban Cross, although the precise detail is still unknown. It is expected to get both petrol and diesel variant along with a hybrid motor unit. According to some rumors, it might get a 3.5 liter four-cylinder engine with a decent output. BMW haven’t furnished any of the mechanical details so it won’t be possible to put forward the specification of the transmission system. The EPA rating is expected to go high because of the new chassis and adoption of lightweight materials.

2017 BMW Urban Cross rear view

2017 BMW Urban Cross – Price and Expected Release Date:

The exact availability of BMW Urban Cross is still unknown, but it is expected to hit the road by the end of 2016. The starting price of Urban Cross might stay around $32,000, and it will increase according to the trim. Audi Q1, Lexus NX, Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class will be the rival of the new BMW Urban Cross, but the company is hoping to surpass their competition in every way.

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