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2017 Jaguar F – Pace Specs, Price

Finally Jaguar has decided to release a crossover SUV. The 2017 Jaguar F – Pace will be the first ever SUV to be manufactured by the company. There is not much information about the brand new automobile but there is a lot of anticipation as car lovers wait for its release. It is expected to have the best features both internally and externally while still maintaining the some of the trademark specifications of Jaguar cars.

2017 Jaguar F - Pace front view

2017 Jaguar F – Pace – Exterior and Interior Design

The SUV is expected to be a relatively large vehicle but with a very elegant and stylish appearance. The body of the 2017 Jaguar F – Pace will mostly be made of aluminum material which is to ensure that the overall weight of the car is reduced. It will have the usual Jaguar car grill with a logo and two air intake spaces on either side of the car. The headlights are superbly designed and are said to be LED which adds to the beauty of the automotive. It will feature 22 inch wheels with elegant spokes. The back is protruded outward which is sure to give the interior of the five seats car more passenger and luggage space with flashy and sporty back lights.

It is evident that a lot of thought given when it came to the designing of the interior of the 2017 Jaguar F – Pace. One very significant feature in the interior is the center console which gives the car a modern and stylish look; it holds a rotary dial that is not a common feature and touch screen with top-notch navigation system. Additional specifications include modern speakers and Bluetooth for wireless connectivity. It also comes with state of the art security system which includes all round cameras. The seats of the Jaguar will be made of very comfortable materials and high-end soft leather.

2017 Jaguar F - Pace Interior view

2017 Jaguar F – Pace – Engine and Performance

This automotive is expected to have top of the range engines to facilitate those rough off-road drives. It is said to feature two great engine designs. One is the 3.0 L super charged four-cylinder V-6 engine model that gives up to 340 hp which is the one expected to make the final car design. While the second one is the 2.0 L turbo charged four-cylinder gas engine that makes up to 165 hp. Both of these engines will be powered by an 8 speed transmission system. The 2017 Jaguar F – Pace is expected to be very fuel-efficient car due to its lightweight material and super engines.

2017 Jaguar F - Pace side view

2017 Jaguar F – Pace – Price and Release Date

Information concerning the 2017 Jaguar F – Pace is being released in bits thus it is difficult to tell for certain when the car will be released into the market. Trusted sources however say that it is likely to be released in 2016 to 2017 since it is currently undergoing the final phase. The SUV is going to be among the Luxury crossovers in the market and thus, it is expected to go for about $ 50,000 though this figure is yet to be confirmed by the manufactures of the automotive.

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