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2017 Land Rover Defender Price, High Quality

The new 2017 Land Rover Defender is going to be the most powerful vehicle that was ever produced by the British manufacturer Land Rover. The powerful Defender will come to the automotive market with a number of drastic changes. It will be a dynamic off-road vehicle, that will offer a great driving experience.

2017 Land Rover Defender front view
2017 Land Rover Defender – High Quality and Rich Interior:

Powerful, robust, aggressive and strong, the new 2017 Land Rover Defender will be built on a new platform, which will be the same PLA aluminum that was also used for the Range Rover Sport. The new platform of the Defender will provide big weight savings, which will have a great impact on its overall performance and fuel economy. The front part of the upcoming model will feature a rugged facade. There will also be a redesigned and unique grille, that will further enhance its robust and aggressive appearance. More specifically, on the front lower part there will be large air intakes, which will allow the cool air to get into the engine. The car will also incorporate an enlarged front bumper, that will house greater and visible fog lights. Moreover, the headlights will be powered by LED technology and will look sharper. On the back side, the new 2017 Land Rover Defender will feature sharper tail lights, as well as an upgraded exhaust system, as to make the vehicle look more aggressive and powerful.

Even though the new 2017 Land Rover Defender will be an off-road vehicle, it will feature a luxury, comfortable and stylish cabin. The seats and the steering wheel will be wrapped with leather of the finest quality. The dashboard will be redesigned, in order to ensure a more interactive and friendly interface for the driver. Moreover, this powerful vehicle will be equipped with the latest technology options, in order to provide the driver with a better control of the vehicle. The upcoming model will also be equipped with a number of connection options, such as satellite navigation, wireless Bluetooth, USB ports, wi-fi, as well as smartphone connectivity. It will also feature keyless starting technology, as well as a dual zone climate control system, that will regulate the temperature inside the cabin. Entertainment will be provided by a modern and upgraded high-tech infotainment system. As for safety features, the new Defender will include strong seat belts, airbags for all the passengers, a rearview camera and more.

2017 Land Rover Defender interior
2017 Land Rover Defender – Powered for Efficiency:

The new 2017 Land Rover Defender will come to the market with 2 engine options. The first will be a 2.0-liter engine, which will be able to generate 150 hp. The second one will be a 3.0 liter supercharged V6 engine, that will be able to produce around 300 hp. Both engines will be mated with either an 8 or 9-speed automatic transmission system. Moreover, the optional manual transmission will be available for both engine variants. Top speed will be around 125 mph.

2017 Land Rover Defender side view

2017 Land Rover Defender – Release Date and Price Range:

The new Defender is expected to be released in the automotive market during the second quarter of 2017. Even though the British automaker hasn’t yet confirmed the price of the upcoming vehicle, it is anticipated to be around $55,000. The main competition will be a Jeep Wrangler, Mercedes-Benz GLE class.

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