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2017 VW Golf SUV

Anyone who knows VW Golf can testify to the fact that they manufacture stylish cars with enviable off-road prowess. This famous Chrysler-owned vehicle production unit is currently working on a new version of one of their SUVs, the VW Golf for model year 2017. VW Golf will significantly redesign the 2017 VW Golf SUV and give it another powertrain, lighter materials for the body as well as a new interior. Expect this affordable SUV to have improved performance capabilities, more comfortable front seats as well as new flip-down tailgate speakers which will be optional.

2017 VW Golf SUV front

2017 VW Golf SUV – Exterior Review:

On its exterior, the 2017 VW Golf SUV gets subtle redesign changes while sticking to its signature box design. The new VW Golf will look similar to the previous model although it will be built with lighter and tougher materials. This move will reduce its overall weight which should improve its fuel economy and aerodynamic capabilities significantly. The 2017 VW Golf will also keep its predecessor’s exterior dimensions although the roofline will be elongated so as to make its interior spacious. The upcoming VW SUV will have a redesigned front fascia with its grill being redesigned to have larger air vents. The large air vents will take in more air to cooling its engine. To give this SUV a more aggressive and force full look, the front bumper will be raised higher.

Interior Review.

Inside the upcoming 2017 VW Golf SUV, expect a cozier and spacious cabin, as a result of well-spaced seats that provide ample headroom and legroom. It will have cozier seats that will be upholstered with high quality materials. It will have heated front seats with the rear seats capable of being folded to offer increased cargo space. The 2017 VW Golf will have a new elegant dashboard that will incorporate an upgraded infotainment system. This includes a new upgraded audio system, Sirius-XM radio, an USB port interface, Bluetooth connectivity and wireless charging.

2017 VW Golf SUV interior

2017 VW Golf – Engine and Performance:

Expect the 2017 VW Golf SUV to be available in 2 powertrain configurations. The base model will have a 4 cylinder 2-Liter engine offering 158 hp and a peak torque of 141 lb. ft. EPA estimates for the new VW Golf stand at 26/22/24 miles per gallon in highway/city/combined driving with a CVT transmission. Its second powertrain option is a 2.4 Liter 4-cylinder engine that will generate about 165-pound ft. of torque and a horsepower of 172. For this configuration, the EPA estimates stand at 28/21/23 miles per in highway/city/combined driving with a six-speed transmission. Accelerating from 0 to 60 miles per hour when driving the base 2017 VW Golf SUV will take you about 9.4 seconds. This one gets enhanced in only 3 to 5 minutes on a hydrogen station. The motor arrangement of the auto gets linked with fully programmed CVT transmission. The entire force and torque that is also delivered gets transmitted evenly to every wheel. Other key components that get included are the value control framework, as well as Earth Dreams innovations, and so forth. Different specs like mileage rate, velocity, and so on are not accessible up to now.

2017 VW Golf SUV rear

2017 VW Golf – Price and Release Date:

The 2017 VW Golf SUV is expected in the market early next year with a base price of around $17,595.

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