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2017 VW Polo mk6 Specs, Price

Another stylish car is going to be released by the Volkswagen which will be called 2017 VW Polo Mk6. This will be the brand new version for the year 2017. Since many years Polo is quite popular among people so this time again we can expect a good quality car with additional redesigned features. German car manufacturing company had started the production of Polo back in 1975. As the car got a lot of fame so many new versions are continuously being produced under this label. In 2017 Mk6 will see refreshed details with an elegant looking body. The new arrival will be the 6th edition of the Polo series. A lot of details regarding the complete features are not available yet.

2017 VW Polo mk6 front view

2017 VW Polo mk6 – Exterior and Interior

The new model 2017 VW Polo Mk6 will get a facelift for the outer body and the interior features. The new model will be different from the previous versions. It will look stronger and masculine and will be liked by those who enjoy sporty cars. There will be redesigned grille on the front surrounded by the chrome stripes. This addition will make it look modern and stylish. The new barreled shaped headlights will also be included in this classic vehicle. Moreover the front end will also get a new bumper in a stylish shape surrounded by the chrome strips. Turning lights and fog lights will also undergo improvements and they will help the driver in thick fog. Like the front end, the backside will also get some new things such as new rear bumper paired with the holder plate which will give it a sleeker and smarter look.

The inside of the new 2017 VW Polo Mk6 is made to maximize the comfort and luxury of the passengers. It will contain a new dashboard equipped with the advanced technology. This time company has introduced a bigger cabin with more space for luggage and passengers. Moreover one can enjoy long drives with larger space for head and legs. The steering wheel will be three spoke and will have good controls. New technology like infotainment, navigation system, internet, Bluetooth, WiFi, USB, and climate control automatic systems will make this car a strong competitor in the market. Advanced safety features will include cruise controls, air bags and ABS brake system.

2017 VW Polo mk6 interior

2017 VW Polo mk6 – Engine and Performance

As far as the power unit is concerned, the new 2017 VW Polo Mk6 will get a single engine. The power terrain will be turbocharged 1.8 liters which is an efficient engine. The engine is also present in the Audi. This power unit will have the capacity to give an output of 190 horse power and it will be combined with the manual transmission six speed. These features will enhance the efficiency of the car as well as its performance will be improved.

2017 VW Polo mk6 rear view

2017 VW Polo mk6 – Price and Release Date

We can expect to see this new arrival in the second quarter of 2017. This luxury SUV will have a price approximately 18,000 dollars which is quite affordable.

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