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2018 Ford Edge Redesign, Price and Release Date

The 2018 Ford Edge has new great features that make it one of the best SUVs. With the amazing modifications added it will definitely make competitors feel its presence in the market. The new appearance makes it very attractive and stylish.

With a number of modifications, this SUV will still keep most of its predecessor’s characteristics. Therefore, it means the lovers of the old model design will not have anything to criticize about this new one. Like in the 2018 Lincoln MKX, aluminum and carbon fiber will be used in making its body.

2018 Ford Edge front

2018 Ford Edge – Comes with Several Modifications

There are several modifications made on the predecessor that makes the new one 2018 Ford Edge attractive. The grille, bumper and the amazing LED lights catch the eye on the exterior view of this model. Its side window trim also stands out with its magnetic metallic paint. This makes the 2018 Ford stand out in any surrounding.

Furthermore, the aerodynamics of this new package is improved by the addition of lines on the sides of its body, making it more attractive. The exterior appearance is a great modification and is one of the features that gives this car a relatively high rating.

Interior and Tech

Inside this vehicle is a whole new experience. The five passenger seats are colorful with great looking Mayan gray fabrics.

The dash has an amazing copper sands decorative design. Contrary to the current Edge, the use of cloth in the place of leather gives the 2018 Ford Edge more class. The steering wheel is also leather covered making the driving comfortable. Also, the updated infotainment system makes it even more classic. The panel with increased number of buttons and a large touch screen display also makes driving this new car exciting.

Enough space in the cabin and the comfortable seats also makes the ride in this car very luxurious.

2018 Ford Edge interior

Engine and Performance

The elegant appearance of the 2018 Ford Edge is not the only feature that makes it amazing, the engine power and its performance are other great features of this car. A 3.5-l V6 engine is the source of power to this car. The engine can deliver up to 280 hp and 250 lb-ft. This gives it a fuel consumption of around 23 mpg.

With its 2.7-liter turbocharged engine that produces 315 horsepower, this version will have fuel economy at the rate of 24 mpg. The 6-speed gearbox and a standard front wheel drive will be added to this one.

2018 Ford Edge rear

Final Thoughts, Release Date and Price

The new 2018 Ford Edge is expected to be released at the end of 2017. As a result of a great number of features, the price of the 2018 Ford Edge is not expected to be very different from the price of the current one.

The new model is expected to be $31,000. Furthermore, the slight increment is a result of the great features that have been added. The high tech accessories, heated seats, among other modifications makes it slightly expensive compared to the current model. To read a more interesting news, please visit 2018 car models.

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