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Audi Q9 Specs, Price

This brief write up is about Audi Q9. This is one of the high class activities attaining the various levels of beauty. It is expected to be efficient, quality and stylish form of the model lineup that is pretty much eco friendly in every sense and manner. There is no question in the fact that Audi, is one of the most popular manufacturers of the vehicles around the hardware cover.

Audi Q9 front view

Audi Q9 – Exterior and Interior Design

Audi Q9 is known to be one of the largest SUV that Audi has planned to offer to the market that will be the most comfortable Audi ever. The new Q9 will be based on the stretched version of the MLB Evo platform. This is the same platforms on which the A4 and upper models are based upon. The vehicle is believed to offer features that have been offered by its competitors as well. But when you want to lead the market and break the ice, then you is supposed to offer that has something more than just a match. It is that opening launch is expected to offer something that competitors don’t have to provide the users with. In short the new the new Q9 will be above top notch features that are offered by the rivals. There might be Q8 offered to the market but the real action is expected to be in the SUV zone. At the moment Audi is in the market in a compact shape with other changes including the feature shape looks. The Q9 is expected to be well equipped with luxury features such as high end audio experience, power tailgate, a high powered engine driving a tip-tronic transmission, pedal shifters and Quattro all wheel drive system.

Audi Q9 interior

Audi Q9 – Engine and Specs

In order to compete the rivals like BMW X7, Mercedes GLK, Range Rover Sport, Cadillac Escalade, the company has gone above and beyond registering the name for the vehicle to be Audi Q9. Audi executives have already confirmed that they will be launching models that will be above the current lineup of Q7. They claim to continue their success story and expand their product range from the current models of 40 to 60.We can clearly see the great potential in the SUV segment particularly when it is about prestigious full size category.

Audi Q9 side view

Audi Q9 – Price and Release Date

To date no one exactly knows that when the vehicle will be sent in the market for competition.It is expected that new Q9 will be seen on the roads in year 2017. Price of the car will be according to the prices offered by the competitive rivals. The new Q9 is known to be offered to the market with higher technological features in every sense and manner. The manufacturers have put in all the efforts to bring something extra ordinary out of these cars and thus new Q9 is expected to steer behind all its rivals in the market.

In short the Audi Q9 has been adorned and well equipped with all the features that normal users of this company expect of it. Just wait a little and you will enjoy Audi Q9 in every manner.

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