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BMW X1 2017 Review

Expectations are that the BMW X1 2017 shall be a newly improved crossover that shall have different modern features. This is because the company making this particular car is anticipated to put up measure that shall ensure the new vehicle will be competitive in the market. One of the attributes highly expected on this vehicle is a modern sporty look that shall not only make the vehicle more appealing, but shall also make it suitable for the modern market. The vehicle shall also come with a modified engine with more power and a more comfortable interior with modern features.

BMW X1 2017 front view

BMW X1 2017 – Exterior and Interior Design

The BMW X1 2017 will being a sports crossover means that it shall have a modern look with majority of the exterior attributes being stylish. The makers of this vehicle are expected to use light but strong materials to make the body of this vehicle so as to reduce the net weight. The primary objective of this is to increase fuel economy and reduce drug consequently increasing speed. The centre of gravity of this vehicle is also anticipated to be further lowered through making the vehicle wider and shorter. This shall make the vehicle more stable and as a result allow it to be driven more comfortably even when moving in high-speed and when negotiating sharp corners. The widening of this vehicle shall also provide more room for more broad fenders. To enhance the sports appearance of this modern crossover, it shall be using split stoke wheels. Furthermore, the designer of this BMW X1 2017 shall ensure it has a more aggressive look through endowing it with the signature but modified kidney grille and a more outstanding nose. Power usage of this vehicle shall also be significantly reduced through the use of modern LED headlights. The tail lights shall still have the L shape but shall come with a better design to make them more visible.

Comfort is expected to be a primary priority while designing the interior of this BMW X1 2017. This shall be facilitated by different modern interior features including a beautiful Alcantra trim. Everyone inside this vehicle shall get enough room to sit and move. People inside the vehicle shall also be able to regulate the temperatures through the newly improved climate regulating system. The dashboard of this vehicle shall be made more user-friendly and interactive through the LED touch screen being made bigger and the number of buttons being reduced. The steering wheel of this vehicle shall be using the latest technology to ensure the driver can control the vehicle more effectively with reduced effort. Users of this vehicle can also expect to find various connection options which shall include Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB ports and GPRS.

BMW X1 2017 interior

BMW X1 2017 – Engine and Performance

To ensure the BMW X1 2017 is able to meet the modern market’s requirements, it shall begetting its power from a variety of engines which shall include a hybrid engine. The engine that is anticipated to be more popular on this vehicle shall be a 2.0 L turbo engine that shall have the ability to produce 340 HP and 355 lb-ft of torque. The engine shall be coupled with an 8 drive transmission and shall be using the rear wheel drive. The fuel economy of this engine shall be high and shall also be able to accelerate much faster.

BMW X1 2017 side

BMW X1 2017 – Release Date and Price

The development of this BMW X1 2017 is anticipated to take sometimes where it is expected to be available for sale by the end of 2016 with a basic price of about $ 37, 500.

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