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2017 BMW X4 MSRP, Review

2017 BMW X4 front view

If we try to combine the X6 and the X5 model from the BMW Company, what we will get? The answer is the newest 2017 BMW X4 model. The most recent model will be very appealing to all customers worldwide, and the expectations from BMW Company will be quite high. …

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2017 BMW Urban Cross

2017 BMW Urban Cross front

This Bavarian automaker will gift the market with a new model known as 2017 BMW Urban Cross. This new release will be the smallest crossover in BMW’s lineup; the title that X1 held for so long over the years. This new Urban Cross model will target the young and families. This …

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2017 BMW X2 Price, News

2017 BMW X2 front

For a long time now, the BMW has been creating a great name for itself because of the solid status it has gained in making quality vehicles. Due to its high-tech features, the automaker has been capable of surviving tough times. Recently, the BMW announced its intent to release a …

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BMW X5 2017 Release Date, Price

The BMW X5 2017 is still under development. However, it is anticipated that the new model will come with extremely new looks that in that it will be more elegant and luxurious as compared to the current BMW model. At the moment, people are eagerly waiting its release for the …

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BMW X1 2017 Review

Expectations are that the BMW X1 2017 shall be a newly improved crossover that shall have different modern features. This is because the company making this particular car is anticipated to put up measure that shall ensure the new vehicle will be competitive in the market. One of the attributes …

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BMW X7 Concept

The new model of BMW is introduced by the Bavarian car making company and named as BMW X7. This will be an extension of the current SUVs with additional interesting features. The coming version will be one of the biggest models of the family of BMW cars which is equipped …

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BMW X6 2017 Price, Expectations

BMW X6 2017 front view

The BMW X6 2017 is a new generation of the concept BMW X6 that is expected to perform well in the market in terms of sales. This new car is considered as a creative improvement. It is added more excellent changes into the features and the design. It cannot be …

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2017 BMW X3 Redesign

2017 BMW X3 front view

The BMW is coming up with the new model namely 2017 BMW X3 for release in the market. This new model will be considered as modern and luxurious SUV. This car has been in the market since 2004. 2017 BMW X3 will be one of the third generations of cars …

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2016 BMW X1 Changes, Specs

2016 BMW X1 front view

First model BMW X1 introduced in 2009, according to the German magazine Auto Build, redesigned version arrives in September 2013, while the brand-new, second generation appear in 2016. Also, the offer will complement the 2016 version with a pair of doors less, and to model X2. Beautiful, comfortable and economic …

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2016 BMW X6 Specs, Price

2016 BMW X6 front view

The Bavarian car manufacturer BMW, year by year is stronger and better. The new 2016 BMW X6 is one of the more significant models when it comes to this segment. The new model will not have some big changes, which is logical. The New 2016 BMW X6 will feature a stunning …

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