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Ford Everest 2017 Price, Lightweight Structure

The Fans around the world have high expectations about the latest model under the name Ford Everest 2017. This mid-sized SUV produced by well-known company is on the market since 2003. Since then it has produced three generations, and this SUV model does not stop to seduce drivers. The last one or the third generation started in 2015. It is expected that the latest model have a lot of changes, but the most important one is related to the engine. Being able to accommodate up to seven passengers, this is perfect family vehicle. For now it is known that this model will be find across the nine global markets, but it seems that none of them includes Europe and North America.

Ford Everest 2017 Front

Ford Everest 2017 – Lightweight Structure:

The materials are first change that can be noticed about the new Ford Everest 2017. The entire structure will be made of lightweight, durable materials which significantly affects the mobility of the vehicle and its weight. There will be visible details of chromium on each side. The overall look will left an impression of aggressive but also a reliable vehicle. The trapezoidal grille will adorn the front side and very noticeable will be gorgeous led headlights. Seductive led lights will be found on the last part too. Both bumpers on this model will be massive and thus will keep other elements. Alloy wheels are inevitable.

With the latest changes in the exterior will come those in the interior too. Passengers will have plenty of room to get comfortable. The comfort will be provided by hand rests, as well as the ability to customize the seat in many ways. Fine soft leather in light tone will demonstrate the elegance that comes with the vehicle. As for dashboard, it will be updated but will keep its simplicity, which is considered as an advantage. Infotainment system to be used is 2 Sync, which provides high-quality content, even for the most demanding clients. Of course, there will be a large touch screen. This vehicle will contain a multitude of modern, advanced functions. Some of them are cruise control, parking aid, burglar alarm, pedestrian alert, fog lights, and more.

Ford Everest 2017 interior

Ford Everest 2017 – Engine Versions:

Engine of new Ford Everest 2017 will have even three versions. In the first we will see four-cylinder 2.0-liter eco-buster which is basic. Here you will find an automatic transmission with 6 speeds which can reach the output of 245 hp. The second version includes a four-cylinder 2.2-liter Duratec petrol engine that achieves up to 150 hp. The third version is somewhat stronger and consists of a 5 cylinder 3.2-liter Duratec petrol unit that produces 300 hp and 470 lb/ft. Two diesel engines will be mated to a six-speed gearbox which will be manual or automatic. Such performance creates a powerful vehicle that easily overcomes every obstacle on the road.

Ford Everest 2017 side

Ford Everest 2017 – Price and Release Date:

Information that is related to the release date of Ford Everest 2017 is very limited. Rumors says that it will certainly be made for the Australian and Asian markets at the end of April 2017. According to these sources, the price would be about $ 45,000, but it is best to wait the end of the year when the company will publish truthful information.

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