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Hummer HX Concept

The Hummer HX Concept is a two-door off-dash SUV that was first showcased at the 2008 Detroit Auto Show by GMC. It sports a muscular body with a rugged style and is an ideal fit for those who wanting to go off-roading. Hummer HX concept car initiative is aimed at targeting the smaller SUV market segments.

Hummer HX Concept front

Hummer HX Concept – Modified Design:

It is based on body-on-frame design platform that involves the use of electro-galvanized steel and welded steel frame. This is expected to have 13-inch ground clearance and strong undercarriage protection to protect the car from off-road obstacles. The Hummer HX Concept shares with other Hummer’s similar independent suspensions (front & rear), powerful disc brakes and full-time four-wheel drive. It has stylish and luxurious exterior equipped with fenders elegantly shaped. It has a sleek slanted back which gives the perfect look for the vehicle and equipped with HID headlamps fitted with SLR lenses. The exterior’s matte olive color is extended to the interiors made up of sheet metals. Other materials used in the interiors are rubber, ballistic nylon, and fabric.

Hummer HX Concept has a futuristic aeronautical look and comfortably seats 4 persons in a helicopter styled seats with a detachable roof. The seats are light and look amazing when doors are removed. In line with Hummer’s signature standards, inside the front near the passenger seat, you’ll find a shovel, flashlight, and a first-aid kit. At the back, you will find removable storage bins with LCDs and the back seats can be removed to create more cargo space for your groceries, small furniture or a baby stroller.

Most of the convenience features are located in the center console with the shifter and the engine start button on this part. The console also has a compartment for an MP3 player and phones. The car will not come with a conventional radio but will have a digital player access and an integrated speaker system. When it comes to safety, the Hummer HX is fitted with side airbags, stability control, blind spots monitoring and more other standard and advanced safety features.

Hummer HX Concept interior

Hummer HX Concept – Engine Specifications:

The Hummer HX is fitted with a 3.6 liter V6 direct injected engine which is capable of making 304 hp with an RPM of 6300 and a torque of 273 pounds per feet. This is certainly an advance over the earlier versions of Hummer vehicles. The engine system is matted with GM’s 6 L 50 six speed automatic transmission system that supplies power to the four-wheel drive system with center differential locking system. Most attractive of HX Concept is the fuel economy as it gets you between 15 to 30 miles per gallon with about 16 miles per gallon in the city while it is above 20 miles on the highway.

Hummer HX Concept rear

Hummer HX Concept – Price & Release Date:

The Hummer HX  is expected to be launched during early 2017 as customers are already long anticipating.  There is no official pricing information released yet by GMC.

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