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Mazda Koeru Concept

In the last few years, Mazda Company has redesigned almost complete arrangement of vehicles giving them refreshed appearance through the “Kodo” design language as well as giving them a variety of fuel-efficient SkyActiv engines. The Mazda CX-7 has discounted four years ago because of the poor sales, but today; we expect a big comeback of this vehicle, only this time with the different name. Named Mazda Koeru Concept where “Koeru” means “exceed” on the Japanese language this model is described as the Mazda’s most modern project into the growing crossover SUV market. The upcoming vehicle will be midsize SUV that will offer a lot of latest technology systems, phenomenal exterior design and also very nice and comfortable interior design.

Mazda Koeru front

Mazda Koeru Concept – Body and Design:

The exterior of the upcoming Mazda Koeru Concept will receive well known KODO-styled front fascia with a very appealing design. The front grille is very massive, shield-shaped and it will be the same like in every newest vehicle from Mazda. This means that the grill will be connected with the headlights that will be extremely thin. At the front we can also see and muscular front fenders that will be fitted with the air vents located on the corners. At the back, the standard taillights will be replaced by the smaller units. The rear bumper will receive larger exhaust outlets. The tailgate and the sloping roof will give the vehicle a coupe-like look decorated by the blacked-out pillars. Furthermore, at the sides, this model will ride on colossal 21-inch alloy wheels paired with high-quality tires for easier handling. Mazda Koeru Concept will be 2.4 inches longer than CX-5 but also 3.0 inches shorter than CX-7. There are some rumors that Mazda Koeru Concept will develop into the next-gen CX-9, but this is not true, considering that this vehicle is too small to be a full-size crossover.

Inside the cabin, this vehicle will be very elegant and futuristic. It will offer a lot of new technology systems but we don’t have any official photos to describe you the design of the interior. What is certain is that the new model will be able to accommodate up to five passengers and to provide them very pleasant drive. Also, it is known that all seats will be wrapped by the premium leather and that will be very supportive and comfortable. We also assume that the new model will come with a 7.0 touchscreen display. This model will certainly provide a lot of technology features and also a large number of safety systems.

Mazda Koeru interior
Mazda Koeru Concept – Power Changes:

According to numerous rumors, this model will receive the latest SkyActiv technologies, however so far there is no official information about this. For certain, the best choice, given the size of the vehicle will be 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine. The fuel efficiency is also expected to very good, considering the lighter materials used in the construction of the chassis. According to Mazda, the upcoming Mazda Koeru Concept will be significantly quieter thanks to the NVH technology.

Mazda Koeru side
Mazda Koeru Concept – Availability and Cost:

The release date of the future midsize crossover from Mazda will be probably in mid-2017, while for the price; unfortunately, we don’t have any reliable information. According to Mazda, the prices for this model will be announced very soon.


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