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Mini Countryman 2017 Review

The Mini Countryman is categorized in mini SUV and it is youngest in mini cars family. BMW introduced the first model of this car with the name mini marquee. Later on, they changed the name to mini countryman and introduced it in 2010. Due to the multiple benefits and advantages, this car is becoming very popular and high in demand. The makers are now planning to launch the new model Mini Countryman 2017. The new Mini Countryman 2017 will be added in the second generation of cars. This model will come with a lot of changes and modifications. The car will get a more sporty and aggressive look.

Mini Countryman 2017 fornt view

Mini Countryman 2017 – Exterior and Interior Design

The new model of Mini Countryman 2017 will add a lot of latest features and undergo some changes to attract more customers. The new model will be bigger and longer than its previous models. In the exterior of the car, there will be redesigned front and back. The latest model will have bigger grille decorated with chrome designing on it. There will be larger air intake on the front bumper. There will be redesigned and newest headlights and taillights featured with latest LED and Xenon technology. The car will also have fog lights which will help t give driver better visibility at night. Mini Countryman will come with 19 inches alloy wheels along with larger wheel base than its predecessors. There will be more use of aluminum in the car to give it an aggressive look. The makers have introduced new colors for this model. The car will be available in red, white, metallic and gray colors.

The new changes in the interior of the Mini Countryman 2017 will make it more beautiful, elegant and attractive. As this model will be larger than its previous models so there will be a bigger and spacious inner cabin to comfort its passengers. There will be more luggage space in the car. The car will easily accommodate five people at a time. It will have sufficient head roof and leg space for its passengers to give them a comfortable drive in long journeys. There will be premium quality leather covering for car seats along with elegant leather covered steering wheel. The car will have latest and modern features like navigation control, Bluetooth, in build WI-FI system, USB ports, climate control, audio and stereo system, latest speakers and touch screen LCD system. The car will also have latest security specifications like air bags, seat belts, and parking sensors.

Mini Countryman 2017 interior

Mini Countryman 2017 – Engine and Performance

The car will come with a very strong engine. It will have 2.0 litters 4 turbo engine. The engine will have the capacity to produce the output of 136 horsepower along with 6-speed automatic transmissions. The new model will have the maximum speed of 134 mph.

Mini Countryman 2017 side view

Mini Countryman 2017 – Price and Release Date

The car is expected to release by the end of 2016 or in the beginning of 2017. The expected price of the car will start from $27,000.

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