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Mitsubishi ASX 2017 Review

The Mitsubishi is a company that never lets their customers down. They keep standards high and they reliably produce quality products. The Mitsubishi ASX 2017 is one such product. This is the car, along with a couple other cars in its class and model, getting a face lift and the redesign is quite similar to that of the Outlander. Mitsubishi’s vice president has made it official after months of speculations and rumors floating around about this facelift. This vehicle may become a badge bearing hardcore performance automobile similar to the status of Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. There are those out there who speculate that the Outlander model and the Mitsubishi ASX 2017 is the same vehicle, but the vice president of North America Motors says they will release the face lifted version of the ASX by next year and the customers can determine the differences or the similarities or if there is any at all. The production of the Outlander Sport model will begin by October 2015 as stated by the company and they have also disclosed that it will take under three months to create both Outlander Sport, the US version and the ASX , the European version.

Mitsubishi ASX 2017 front view

The Mitsubishi ASX 2017 – Exterior and Interior

The ASX will undergo some major redesign to capture this title and status. Most cars being facelifted are barely being redesigned not much of a facelift, and won’t be able to compete with the ASX in their class. The praise worthy platform of the Mitsubishi Lancer is used in the design of the ASX making it light and strong. The upcoming ASX will look sleek and smoother in comparison and Mitsubishi has revealed that the appearance of the vehicle is based on the concept car the XR-PHEV.

The grill is shaped like a trapezoid and covers a large portion at the front and it will command your visual attention. The grill is made from a type of mesh structure with the brand logo embedded in the focal point. Both headlights and the fog lamps have a bigger radius and are quite effective. LED chains surround the Fog lamps and this makes them more attractive. The wheels of this vehicle are alloy and unique in design to it. Ground clearance is neither high nor too low, it is at standard height.

Mitsubishi ASX 2017 interior

The Mitsubishi ASX 2017 – Engine and Performance

The Mitsubishi ASX 2017 engine is enabled with CVT tech and is a 2.0 liter petrol engine with DOCH technology. Decent fuel economy of this vehicle and with the alterations of the aerodynamics there is sure to be an increase in the fuel efficiency. The Hybrid model of this vehicle runs on a 1.1 liter, 3 cylinder engine with an electric motor. The ASX engine produces 136 HP of power and the engine of the Hybrid produces 163 HP of power.

Mitsubishi ASX 2017 rear view

The Mitsubishi ASX 2017 – Release Date and Price

The Mitsubishi will release and start the sales the Mitsubishi ASX 2017 in December of 2015. The price range of this vehicle will have a price starting from about $30,000.

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