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Nissan Juke 2017 Redesign

The Nissan Juke 2017 is anticipated to be one of the most popular compact SUVs in the market especially because of its unique look. This new vehicle has most features found in the original model but these features have been upgraded and improved to make the new vehicle even better. The engine of this newer vehicle is better with high performance and high fuel economy. The exterior maintains the outstanding sports look that differentiates this particular crossover with any other competing vehicle in the market. Since the original model of this vehicle was first unveiled at the Geneva motor show in 2010, it has become clear that this is a model that is going to be very popular and as a result even the up coming vehicle is anticipated to attract many customers.

Nissan Juke 2017 front view

Nissan Juke 2017 – Exterior and Interior Design

This Nissan Juke 2017 will definitely catch eyes of many eager customers once it hits the market. One of the exterior features of this vehicle that is most noticeable is that it comes in a mixture of attractive colors which makes it standout. The front end is also unique with a big grille and the Nissan logo at the middle. The bumper has also been redesigned consequently making this crossover look aggressive. The fog lights are now more visible and powerful since they have been positioned in a more angular position. The LED headlights of this new vehicle have also been restyled with an intention of making the vehicle look more elegant. The general body of this Nissan Juke 2017 is given a C design and the largest percentage of this body is made using light but strong materials such as carbon fiber and aluminum which enable the vehicle move faster while reducing fuel consumption. The back dynamics have also been improved making the vehicle look sportier from behind.

This Nissan Juke 2017 mini SUV is made in a way that the interior has a sporty look but is still comfortable and luxurious. There is enough room inside for six people to sit comfortably and there is also ample cargo room where about 250 kilograms of weight can be held by this car. The six seats inside this crossover are all covered using fine and genuine leather with an objective of enhancing comfort. While side this vehicle one gets to enjoy properly regulated temperatures which are automatically regulated by the dual zone climate control unit. There is also high quality entertainment inside the vehicle which is provided through the modern infotainment system. Users of this vehicle also get to enjoy a variety of connection options including wireless changing, Bluetooth, 3.0 USB ports, Wi-Fi hot spot and satellite navigation. Safety is emphasized through massive Takata air bags and safety belts for all the occupants of the vehicle. Most of the features are controlled through the LCD touch screen on the dashboard but there are also other buttons which are on the steering wheel to allow the drive reach them more easily.

Nissan Juke 2017 interior

Nissan Juke 2017 – Engine and Performance

Buyers of the Nissan Juke 2017 get the freedom to choose either a petrol or a diesel engine. The diesel engine is a 1.5 liter direct injected unit with the ability to produce 240 HP and 180 lb-ft of torque. The petrol engine is anticipated to be a 2.4 liter dual turbo unit with ability to produce an optimum of 220 HP and 190 lb-ft of torque. This vehicle has a six speed automatic or manual transmission depending on preference. The fuel economy is 24 mpg in city and 34 on highways.

Nissan Juke 2017 side view

Nissan Juke 2017 – Release Date and Price

The Nissan Juke 2017 will be available by the end of 2017 and the starting price is anticipated to be about $ 30, 000.

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