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Opel Mokka 2017 Review

According to a few authorities from the company, Opel Mokka 2017 was to make its debut in the motor show to be held in 2016. It was designed mainly as a crossover Sport, subcompact and was released in 2013. Opel Mokka has surpass all the company’s expectations and was the fourth bestselling small SUV in Europe in 2014. It sales continue to rocket up, doubling over the past couple of years due to the current lineup. The first class exterior and improvements of the driving dynamics were also factors in this unexpected but very welcomed success.

Opel Mokka 2017 front view

Opel Mokka 2017 – Exterior and Interior

The front of the Opel Mokka 2017 sports a grill with headlights that wraps around and a sharply raked widescreen. This vehicle has a dynamic exterior design pattern. This is highly responsive and with emissions lowered and performance improved it makes the compact SUV the ideal choice for most. Your attention will quickly be consumed by the sporty look of the vehicle. There are curved wrap around windows featured at the rear and this boosts the aerodynamics of the crossover.

The interior of the Opel Mokka is very spacious and is equipped with the latest tech and increase size in passenger and cargo space. The main features of this vehicle’s interior are the electronic glass based sunroof, the automatic climate control system, heated seats and an upgraded infotainment system. Other features o the interior of the Opel Mokka include, the inn built navigation system, hill assist, standard view mirrors, electronic stability mechanism and most safety and security systems common to most compact nowadays SUVs. The infotainment system displays the footage of the rear view camera. The accessories of the SUV includes a roof base with Thule roof box, OPC styling pack, side steps and a fix tow bar.

Opel Mokka 2017 interiro

The Opel Mokka 2017 – Engine and Performance

The new engine of the Opel Mokka 2017 will not run on CDTI tech. It is a 3 cylinder engine. The 1.6L turbo charged petrol engine is capable of generating 115 hp and is the Opel Mokka’s primary engine. There is a standard 1.7L diesel engine capable of output, 140 hp. There is also a power train 1.7 L diesel engine which outputs 130 hp and a torque of up to 320 nm. The weight of the turbo diesel engine has been significantly reduced and the entire power train engine is up to the Euro 5 emission standards. There is a 6 speed power transmission coupled with the power train sending the power directly to the front wheels.

There is the option for all wheel drive if you prefer this over front wheel driving. The all-wheel drive also features a front transverse engine placement system.

Opel Mokka 2017 Rear view

The Opel Mokka 2017 – Release Date and Price

The Opel Mokka 2017 is expected to be available on the market by mid-2017. Speculations are that the price for the Opel Mokka is expected to be in the range of $26,000 but there have been no official confirmation to those. The Vauxhall Mokka will be its name on the UK market.

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