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Porsche Cayenne 2017 Changes, Price

This new model of Porsche Cayenne 2017 bound to be among the most competitive luxurious cars in the market once it is released. This is the third generation of the Porsche Cayenne brand, the first having been released in 2004 and the second in 2010. The 2010 model saw more sales by far compared to the 2004 model, thus making the prediction that the 2017 Porsche Cayenne model is highly anticipated.

Porsche Cayenne 2017 front view

Porsche Cayenne 2017 – Exterior and Interior Design

The Porsche Cayenne 2017 model will have a greater outward look than its predecessors, though you can tell that they are from the same brand and manufacturers. Having a platform based on the Volkswagen platform has seen the new model lighter than the 2010 model by 100 kilograms, and a lighter but convenient weight is more convenient in the automotive world.

The bonnet has been redesigned, with a grill front end that is larger but still narrow and sleek. The headlights are still oval, while the tail lights have an added light bar that is more gorgeous and a more modern appearance. There are noticeable changes with the wheel arches and the air vents are c-shaped. The company logo is at the front of the bonnet and the model has four doors. The interior of the Porsche Cayenne 2017 sees the steering being multi-functional and the presence of a driver’s assistance system. Wi-Fi connectivity is available, in addition to an adaptive cruise control. New security features ensure that the driver can detect traffic. The model will have a touch panel that will aid in the control of the infotainment system. A satellite navigation system, a rear view camera and a LCD display screen will simplify the task of the driver.

Traveling in the vehicle will be fun, even if you are planning on a long distance travel, as the seats have been fitted with cozy leather upholstery. The whole traveling experience becomes cozier with the newly fitted zone air conditioning system.

Porsche Cayenne 2017 interior


Porsche Cayenne 2017 – Engine and Performance

Porsche Cayenne 2017 will most likely be using the v6 and v8 engines, which are the most recent were improved fuel economy is concerned, though the manufacturers have not yet released the exact fuel train that they wish to use. In addition, the model will have a plug-in hybrid version feature included. The plug-in hybrid version will consist of electric motors and cylinder engines.

It will be released in two trims, namely Turbo and GTS, which will be using different fuel types. Turbo will be using petrol, while GTS will be using diesel.

Porsche Cayenne 2017 side view

Porsche Cayenne 2017 – Price and Release Date

It is difficult to determine the price of a vehicle without the real knowledge of the power train that the vehicle will come in. However, if Porsche Cayenne is using v6 and v8 engines, then the GTS, which is supposed to use diesel, will be approximately 50,000 dollars. On the other hand, the petrol consuming Turbo will be costing around or over 100,000 dollars. Porsche Cayenne 2017 is anticipated to hit the market between April and June in 2017. For more information, stay with us.

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