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Suzuki sx4 2016 Review

The Suzuki sx4 2016 will replace the standard Suzuki sx4 model. The makers are planning to bring a lot of changes in the new model. There will be the new addition to exterior and interior of SX4 S- Cross. This car will be a complete family choice.

Suzuki sx4 2016 front view


Suzuki sx4 2016 – Exterior and Interior Design

The new car will have lot of modifications in its interior and exterior. In the exterior of new Suzuki sx4 2016 there will be lot of improvements from its previous model. The makers have given great care towards comfort and styling of car. There will be latest LED technology headlights with modern styling touch. Suzuki sx4 2016 will have redesigned taillights along with fog lights. Fog lights will be placed on the back bumper of the car which will make this model more unique. There will be chromed grille in the car. It will come up with 17 inches alloy wheels along with large wheel base and moderate use of scuff plates. To give car a stronger and metallic look steel and aluminum will be used to build the body of this SUV. The Suzuki sx4 2016 will have a chrome lining on the entire body. There will be latest sunroof in the car which will be larger than its previous model.

In the interior the car will get a complete makeover to get a stylish and sophisticated look.  The inner cabin of car will be made wider and spacious. The seats in the car will come with folding option this will facilitate the passengers to have more space in the car. With wider inner cabin the passengers will not face the head roof or leg space problem as there is enough space given between seats. The seats will have a best quality leather covers which will add to the car’s beauty. There will be wooden and premium quality plastic finishing touch in the car. The steering wheel will also be redesigned. The car will b facilitated with all the latest technologies a and support system like Bluetooth connectivity, navigation control system, weather control, audio and stereo system, radio, speakers and heated driver’s seat. The car will also feature latest security system like air bags, latest locks and brake. The car is equipped with all the features which will satisfy a family.

It will compete with Skoda Yeti, Nissan Qashqai and Kia Sportage.  The car will be available in four different trim levels namely SZ- T, SZ3,, SZ4 and SZ5.

Suzuki sx4 2016 interior

Suzuki sx4 2016 – Engine and Performance

The car will have one of the best quality engines. The new model will have 1.6 liters petrol and diesel engine with a capacity to produce 118 horsepower.

Suzuki sx4 2016 rear view

Suzuki sx4 2016 – Price and Release Date

The Suzuki sx4 is expected to hit the markets in the beginning of 2016. The estimated price of the car will start from $19,000 and may increase gradually.

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