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Toyota Fortuner 2017 Price, Specs

Initially presented in 2006, the Toyota Fortuner 2017 shares its development system with Toyota Hilux a design that was released initially in 1968. With claims to be superior to its predecessors, the Toyota Fortuner 2017 offers additional space, luxury, and comfort to all passengers including the driver. Toyota’s Global Architecture platform will be used as base for the design of the new model. The Fortuner was also marketed as the Toyota SW4, a 4 door mid-size sports utility vehicle. The Toyota Fortuner is equipped with front engine placement and a back wheel driving system.

Toyota Fortuner 2017 front view


Toyota Fortuner 2017 – Exterior and Interior

The interior of the Toyota Fortuner 2017 has undergone some remodeling, and this has made it better, more comfortable and more appealing. There will be more space and room for passengers although it is a lot lighter than its predecessor. High quality materials are used in designing the cab which includes leather upholstery and wood. The steering wheel is also wrapped in fabric to improve the driving experience and overall comfort.

Some features of the Fortuner that should give an ease of comfort and a comfortable ride for all its passengers are, the new air conditioning system, digitally adjustable driver’s seat and Bluetooth connectivity. Most of the safety of the Fortuner 2017have been handed down from previous versions of the Fortuner and other vehicles in its class and they include, ABS and brake aid mechanism, airbags, electric brake force, rear view camera etc. The only features missing are the navigation system and the touch screen.

With all the changes made to the interior it is still no comparison to the amount of change the exterior has gone through. The exterior design has suffered even more changes. The redesign of headlights and tail lights with their LED tech appears to be more efficient than those of previous models. The redesigns of the doors also contribute to the more powerful look of the vehicle. The vehicle is equipped with 17 inches alloy wheels and there will be a redesign of the windows. You will be able to tell this is a new model at first sight but the overall appearance of the vehicle won’t change, so there still might be some sort of nostalgic feel to the vehicle.

Toyota Fortuner 2017 intreior

Toyota Fortuner 2017 – Engine and Performance

There is a 3.0L 168 HP power unit that will ensure excellent and optimum performance, sitting under the hood of the Toyota Fortuner 2017 with a 2.7 L four-cylinder 160 HP alternative. A hand-operated 5-speed power transmissions, is coupled with the third option. This will provide a 140 HP 2.5 L engine that has only optional automated gearbox and they both share the exact same configuration.

Toyota Fortuner 2017 side view

Toyota Fortuner 2017 – Release Date and Price

The price for the Toyota Fortuner 2017 is unknown as well as its release date. It is speculated that the price for the vehicle should linger in the range of around $44,000 and varying depending on the amount of trim level you insist to have on the vehicle. Fans will have to wait for the official statement release to get the proper details of the release and the price range.

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